Broken Rusty Hacksaw Restoration

To good to throw away

This vintage hacksaw was a flea market find for me. It was in really poor shape. The saw’s bracket had paint that had either peeled off or been scuffed off, and the handle was damaged and filthy. The saw has had far better days.

Yet I also noticed immediately away that it had a solid foundation. The brackets are excellent steel, the handle is solid beech, and the bow is made of sturdy steel. Very good repair was done on the thread and wing nut.

Therefore: too good to be thrown away.
I’ve been needing a good hacksaw anyhow. I’ve decided to turn it into a tiny side project as a result.

You can witness in this video how a hand hacksaw is broken down into its component parts, repaired, and then put back together. New impact-resistant paint is being applied while the old paint is being scraped off. I had a lot of trouble getting the saw’s handle off.

You can see in this video how to accomplish it pretty quickly (and how to put the handle back together).

I really hope you find this repair video entertaining and inspiring for future DIY endeavors.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Salutations, Sascha

I display a vintage bread cutter that has been completely restored. in stages.

Just the original, authentic audio from the video are included. The ideal ASMR video to unwind and concentrate on the important things because there is no music and I don’t talk to it.

🔧 Here’s what you can learn in the videos, including:

  • How to disassemble hacksaw and disassemble it into its individual parts.
  • How to get the handle off the saw
  • How to clean the individual parts
  • How to derust and paint metal parts
  • How to fill and touch up wooden parts
  • How to varnish the wood
  •  How to reassemble the parts

This is what the project cost me:

  • Wood filler (Adler Grilith): 10,76€ for 200ml – Proportionate of it approx. 50ml = 2,96€
  • Red Color (HAMMERITE metal protection paint): 8,99€ for 250ml – Proportionate of it approx. 30ml = 1,07€
  • Connex metal saw blade 300 mm HSS : 3 blades for 6,99€ (2,33€ for 1)

Total: 6,36€

Additional consumables:

– Brown varnish
– Liquid metal
– Sanding Papers
– Nails


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