Old Broke Bread Cutter Restoration

Restoration of a 120 years old coffee mill.

Follow me on a quest to restore an ancient bread slicer that was on the verge of being trashed because of its dismal state.

This device—a manual, hand-cranked device with a sharp blade that was previously a standard in bakeries and homes all across the world—is not your usual electronic bread slicer.

Although the restoration procedure was drawn out and difficult, the outcome is nothing short of stunning. The machine’s wooden components were decaying, it was rusted all over, and its blade was dull and rusty. Yet I was able to revive an old bread slicer with a little hard work, perseverance, and commitment.

I’ll walk you through each stage of the restoration procedure for the machine in this video, from removing and cleaning each component to sanding and refinishing the wooden parts. You can see how I dealt with the metal parts’ rust and corrosion, sharpened the blade, and put the machine back together to restore it to its former splendor.

This film is for anybody who enjoys witnessing a labor of love come to fruition, whether they are fans of antique equipment, curious about the history of bread, or both. See how a small amount of work can transform something that was once discarded into a priceless piece of history by following me on this journey of restoration and discovery.

I display a vintage bread cutter that has been completely restored. in stages.

In the video there are only the original authentic sounds. There is no music and I don’t speak to it – so the perfect ASMR video to relax and focus on the essentials.

🔧 Here’s what you can learn in the videos, including:

  • How to disassemble the bread slicer and disassemble it into its individual parts.
  • How to harden metal with fire
  • How to clean the individual parts
  • How to derust and paint metal parts with electrolysis
  • How to fill and touch up wooden parts
  • How to varnish the wood
  • How to reassemble the parts


This is what the project cost me:

  • Brown varnish for the body: 24,95€ for 750ml – Proportion of it approx. 300ml = 9,99€ 
  • Wood filler: 10,76€ for 200ml – Proportionate of it approx. 150ml = 8,07€
  • DIN 97 A2 5,0X40 wood screw countersunk head slotted STAINLESS STEEL A2 V2A 5,40€ for 20 pcs – Proportionate of it approx. 6 pcs = 1,62
  • Epoxy resin 950ml for 22,99€ – Proportionate of it approx. 30ml = 0,73€
  • Total: 6,02€

Additional consumables:

  • Black varnish
  • Primer for metal
  • Various sandpapers
  • Wood glue
  • Baking soda (for the electrolysis bath)

Equipment for electrolysis:

  • Laboratory power supply, Eventek 0-30V 0-10A DC
  • Alligator clip, P1040 2 pieces silicone banana plug


Dörte – Thank you for selling me this wonderful bread cutter 
Dot – Thank you for your inspiring words that have accompanied me during this project “They thought I was broken – but I wasn´t”

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